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iconista's Journal

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  • iconista@livejournal.com
This is my icon journal. Icons I make will be posted here erratically as I go in and out of icon mania.

Guidelines for using my icons:

1. Leave me a comment when you take one. Comments are sweet manna to me. :-) Plus I like to see my children in their new homes.

2. I'd appreciate credit for my work, but I won't come hunt you down and put a curse on you if you forget.

3. Please don't hotlink; save them to your own computer.

4. I will clearly label bases as such. Please don't alter my other icons without asking first.


If you want to add this journal to your friends list, please do, and thank you! However, I will only be adding icon-related journals and commnunities to my friends list, so unless you fall into that category, I most likely will not add you back.